An introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri Lankan food is known to be similar to South Indian dishes. It is known to have its own variety of distinguished cuisines that are loved across all the countries in the world. The country has a unique food culture that is known to contain tasty curries and dishes. Heavy spices contribute to being the specialty of these food cuisines. They are also fond of deeply fried and tasty snacks of varied flavors. Fish and coconut are counted to be an integral part of Sri Lankan dishes. Rice and curry are the staple food in the country. Fish is used for the preparation of several curries. You can also find different kinds of bread in the country.

Of the various dishes, the most renowned Sri Lankan foods include:


Mixed Rice along with Fish Curry

Mixed rice and fish curry is known to be the most common food of Sri Lanka. You can avail the amazing taste of different vegetables along with fish in it.In terms of nutritional value, Sri Lankan fish curry is absolutely outstanding.


Devilled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry

Sri Lanka has gained high prominence across the world for the varied kinds of deviled dishes. Fish is considered to be the primary ingredient of this curry. For the preparation of this curry, it is essential that the fish should be deep fried. The next step involves smothering the same in the sour and sweet sauce. Next to this, it is lightly fried with the aid of banana peppers and red onions. The cuisine is generally served with flatbread paratha or fried rice.


Chili Fish Curry

The Chili Fish Curry is known to be among the most famous food in the country of Sri Lanka. The heavier blend of spices enhances the taste of the dish. The fish curry which is prepared in the country is known to be oily and highly fragrant. You can enjoy with dish without a plate of rice.



Parippu is essentially the dal curry which is counted among the most staple food in the country. It is originally the red lentils or masoor dal which is cooked with the aid of unique spices. A little amount of coconut milk is added to the curry with an eye to creating a rich and delicious stew. You can avail this curry in any part of the country and you can intake the same with different forms of bread and rice.